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Where Fantasy Becomes Real!


"I've made over $22,000 in my first two months with STARSCAPES®!
I have 1, 2, and sometimes 3 customers a day!"
Humberto Melendez, STARSCAPES®Artist-Illusionist
There's no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.



 Lights off !  Let's Stargaze!!

  The audio clip you're about to hear...  
is exactly what I play for all my personal clients, right before I turn out the lights for them, in their own bedroom!  It's very exciting!

     Please press the little PLAY button.  Sit back and relax...

 Listen to this...
(You won't hear it on your phone.)

                    << The Presentation

     Try and imagine yourself lying in your own bed, closing your eyes in anticipation of seeing your ceiling and roof vanish and the stars magically appear above you, from wall to wall.  Remember... not just any stars, but an exciting full view of your own STARSCAPES®.

     The drama builds as the announcer explains to your clients what STARSCAPES® is all about.   (This is great because even when YOU show people your Amazing Portal Poster or Demo Board, it means that YOU don't have to memorize anything.  Just play the accompanying CD for them, and turn out the lights!  Can you do that?  E-Z!) 

     And then after you hear the trumpet fanfare, you tell everyone "3 - 2 - your eyes... let's STARGAZE!"

     And for the very first time... they're able to look up and marvel at what some people have never even seen before.  Their very own night sky.  Thousands of stars!  High above their home, above the clouds, as far as they can see!  This is where everyone audibly gasps for air!  Then they shout "WOW"!!!  And then, you'll hear "Can I have this in my room too!?"

       It really gets them excited to buy!



"Most city skies have become
virtually empty of stars."

National Geographic magazine, November 2008

     STARSCAPES® is the brand name of the StarBiz and the original, incredible artistic illusion of the star filled night sky, with thousands of twinkling stars, the Milky Way galaxy, constellations like the Big Dipper, Pegasus, and the Southern Cross, and even shooting stars; custom installed in any room, on the ceiling and sometimes the walls, in about one or two hours, by a licensed STARSCAPES® ARTIST- ILLUSIONIST. 

That could be YOU!  And it's real easy to do!  You can fill the need.  You CAN do this!

Here's Some Advanced Techniques That You'll Learn When You're In Our Member's Only Inner Circle!



An Explanation of the Tremendous Potential for Fun and Profit

     Any fine artist will take about $50 worth of oil and canvas, and in a short while, will produce a painting worth whatever he wants to charge for it.  

     It could be hundreds of dollars.  It could be thousands of dollars.
And... it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The perceived value is in the "eye of the beholder".  If you like the art... And you can afford it, you'll buy it.  

     People buy it from the artist because they don't have the talent themselves.

     People also pay plumbers and all sorts of professional people to do work for them, because for various reasons, we can't or don't want to do the same work for ourselves.  Everyone's entitled to a fair profit for their work.

     YOU are fortunate because your product cost per room is usually less than $5 in materials.  Most customers pay us from $100 to $600 for an amazing STARSCAPES® SkyliteStarscapes skylite and from $500 up to $1800 and more for a whole room.  

There's no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

     The average retail price in America is $4.00 to $8.00  per square foot.  It can go up to $12 and $18 a square foot for extravagant options.

     Some sell for less, some sell for more.  A 14 x 16 square foot room can easily net you up to $1,295.00 or more, and most homes have 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms in them!

     Home theaters aren't complete until they have STARSCAPES®.  Sometimes with a dark movie, like Batman, It can appear just like an original drive in movie outside!  And when the movie's over, they've discovered another use for that expensive home cinema.  A home planetarium!  Just kick back, enjoy the night sky and conversation!

"This is impossible! This is just impossible.
   I'm just amazed and totally stunned with it!  
It looks so real!  The stars even twinkle! "


The Market Is HUGE!

 Imagine that you are a weary traveler, ready for a good night's rest. Up the road, you see a hotel marquee that reads...

Starscapes fantastic home based business - best bizop in the galaxy
Starscapes hotel 

     You KNOW where YOU would be staying, don't you!  (Millions of rooms worldwide await you!  Get started today.)

Think of All Your Possibilities Around You.

Residential Bedrooms in Every Neighborhood
Bed & Breakfasts
Home Theaters
Family Rooms
Entertainment Rooms
Class Rooms
Bathrooms (above the bathtub) and more...


     How many people around you have bedrooms?




Virtual Planetariums

Here's How it Works. Simply...

    Just get your free Amazing Demonstrator Portal Posters, and tell others that their entire ceiling will look like that. And when your prospective client sees it... They'll want it!  You'll easily install their own, and one of a kind, Virtual Planetarium in about an hour or two. Sometimes in just 5 minutes! (More on THAT later.) 

     And, by the way , the door to the room will be closed.  Your client signs a form that states "because of photo-luminescent work in progress, nobody is allowed in the room during the process, as it may hinder the results".  Also, "all breakables and valuables will be removed from the room before the work begins".   

     You'll learn all the details later.  In all the years, I've been doing this; I've "ironed out" all the problems for you.  Problems that you'd expect to have when you are learning a new skill and starting a new business.  Only a company that has spent over 24 years "in the trenches" of creating world class STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists, could figure everything out for you!  Experience and wisdom.  You can't ask for anything more.

    After you've magically painted the room, you'll invite your clients into their room.  They lie down on the floor or the bed, and they won't see anything yet, because it is invisible in the daytime, the room looks ordinary.  All they hear is the soft ethereal music you have playing. (The CD sample is free in your free Discovery Package!)

    You tell them to close their eyes, so it will be a surprise.  Everyone counts from 10 down to 3... 2... and 1.  The lights go out, and you tell them, "Uncover your eyes! Let's stargaze"!

    Here's the gratification for you...  Everyone, even the biggest and brawniest of grown men... GASP in wonder and awe! That's your applause!

    Because (when nighttime comes or) when it's dark, the ordinary ceiling (and sometimes walls!) dissolve away, as the stars magically begin to shine. Thousands of glowing stars, constellations, even the Milky Way galaxy, spaceships, fairies and angels, if you so desire!

The Peaceful Relaxing Good Night Sleep SolutionTM


     Enjoy the heavens as they were meant to be seen, before the city lights ruined the view.  Just like the first time you went camping in the mountains and witnessed the most incredible starry sky you've ever seen!

     Imagine the happy faces. Everyone you know. Every bedroom and family room in town. Future memories will be made of these.  Relaxing, stress-relieving, romantic and educational.

     It's easy to learn, with our excellent in-home educational program, the STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz.  No franchise, business opportunity or royalty fees.  You won't even be using the name STARSCAPES® for your work unless you want to!  It's totally up to you.  More about that next on StarPage3. 

     If you do become a licensed SAI, you'll be able to give your happy clients their own signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity for their original STARSCAPES® trompe l'oeil masterpiece, and the Owner's Manual entitled "The Art of STARSCAPES®", along with a STARSCAPES® starmap of their special mural as it corresponds to their special date, eg. wedding or birthday.

     And... No experience needed.  Young or old can do it!  

    Here's some S.A.I. vehicles:


Any vehicle will work to carry your equipment case.



Some of us advertise by using car door magnets, like the ones below (24"x18").

Which one do you like better?

      Starscapes  Larger  

                   Starscapes  Larger


e're sometimes asked, "Why should I buy the STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz"?

     Some of our customers got ripped off with an ebook on a CD that uses a lot of phrases like "We'll teach you everything they do", and "You'll just have to experiment for best results and the methods you personally like...".  What does that mean? Really? 

     With STARSCAPES® you can bypass all the experimentation and lies and subpar materials (no matter what "they" say), because nobody knows this business better than us.  Better than me, Joe Petrashek.  I've spent over 35 years perfecting STARSCAPES® so YOU don't have to make the mistakes as others will have you doing.

     We know that you don't want to waste precious time and effort reinventing the wheel.  We also know that you'd feel better if you were making money after your first weekend with the StarBiz!

     We don't use any silly opaque projectors, or templates like competitors do.  No smelly and dangerous spray paints, flammable lacquer or oily varnish either.  What you get with the STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz is the difference you get when you buy a better car or truck.  You get a better quality product that lasts longer.  Others may "say" they're superior, but it's just "hot wind" stirred by a "cheap windbag". 

     All the minor details have been thought out and integrated into the system.  Just like the sound you hear when you shut the door of a cheap car, and compare that to the quality sound of a Cadillac.  You'll appreciate getting a solid product with no problems that constantly annoy you through the years.  You get professionalism.

     Anyone can buy a potter's wheel with instructions and make decent clay pots in their backyard.  But, these days, it takes more than that.  It takes professional mentoring, clever marketing, special techniques, exclusive tools, and dynamic salesmanship to become a success.  To have learned from The Master and be able to "WEAR THE WINGS" as evidence of your tutelage, (with a signed Certificate), will take you to the pinnacle of your success!

dd to that, the succinct knowledge and wisdom of hundreds and hundreds of experienced ancestors in our esteemed lineage to take you from "grasshopper" to Jedi. (You'll be LIGHT YEARS AHEAD taught by the master Joseph Petrashek and evidenced by more money in your pockets.) 

     I think you can see where that makes sense.  Jump aboard our exclusive starship and buy your STARSCAPES® StarBiz today or be stuck alone in the confines of your backyard "making amateur pots", with no one to sell them to, because no one wants them.

     Now is the time to take advantage of that gut feeling, that subliminal "arm around your shoulders", that voice in your head that says "You're an entrepreneur! This is your time! Go for it! Learn from the best.  Learn from the Master that created the industry. It's just one tiny, baby step forward. Enjoy a weekend with your
STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz and you can create anything for your life that you desire. The pinnacle of success can be yours!




"I just made my 1st sale!  4 rooms in 3 different houses for one person for $5,300!"

"Today was my first day talking to someone. 
...He said, "Let's do it!" That's $5,600!"

"Yesterday I made €500, and today €600.  €1100 in two days!" ($1,400)

Experience is everything and you get what you pay for.  Even more!"

(Over 590 more testimonials can be seen and
the Delightfully Diligent Details page next.)
There's no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.



As STARSCAPES® Artist Illusionists...
We seek to show what the Creator meant
us all to see.  His first great masterpiece.

We also seek to inspire in mankind,
the vast and infinite possibilities of the
adventure of space travel and exploration,
where human destiny inevitably lies,
while providing a personal haven for
peaceful meditation, inspiration,
profound relaxation, and tranquility.


Live Audio Testimonials:


 Vasile Bratu looking at the Portal in his closet...

 Listen to this...

 Here's Bob LaVoi...

 Listen to this...

 And finally...(WOW!!!)

 Listen to this...








Photos of the fulfillment center. 

STARSCAPES showroom lobby wall #1 STARSCAPES showroom hallway
STARSCAPES showroom lobby windows STARSCAPES showroom theater doorway
STARSCAPES showroom lobby wall #2 STARSCAPES showroom display wall
STARSCAPES showroom theater inside #2 STARSCAPES showroom retail stock shelving
STARSCAPES production facility STARSCAPES new licensee certificates
STARSCAPES showroom entry lounge STARSCAPES showroom entry lounge #2












Joe in his satin jacket. Jackets available at the Company Store.


Here's a Lead Generating Poster:


We're Known Worldwide.  Here's an Example of One
of Our Commercial Ads to the Lodging Industry:

starscapes hotel advertising


And Another Advertisement to the Luxury Market:


sai"I showed them, and all the skeptics just said "WOW!".
Don Bovin, Massachusetts sai

"Joe, it's just like you said.  People see it... they want it!  Every time I show it, I hear, "Oh, my God!  When can you do mine?!".  And I love doing STARSCAPES®. 
To me... it's not work.  I enjoy it!"
Dennis Icomacci, Arizona


"Being an amateur astronomer, I wasn't interested in creating a night sky that looked like childish animated drawings.  My clients appreciate the realism of  STARSCAPES® and I do too."  




"Mr. Joe Petrashek teaches you the secrets to becoming your community's next Michelangelo! If you're looking for something unusual and fun to build a business in - this is as fun as it gets!"
Stony Roberts, columnist for Cutting Edge Opportunities Magazine

Spend just ONE WEEKEND with your 

Starscapes hot business opportunity

and you too, can conquer space!

     No experience and absolutely no artistic talent is needed.  It's so simple, a nine year old boy can do this.

     If you can draw a "happy face" on the wall... you're OVERQUALIFIED!  Because there's no drawing.  You'll be using NO cheesy stencils, templates or childish stickers!  It's not like painting a ceiling.  No gallons of paint, no rollers or spray equipment.  You'll be creating a signed & dated Artistic Masterpiece! A skill that others will think you were born with!

     You'll feel great with your new "secret" skill.  People will love what you can give them

     So much, that they'll tell all their friends!  And... You could be smiling all the way to the bank!


Starscapes      Imagine having a booth at your local home show or fair!  By the end of the day, Greg & Rosina's free drawing jar was overflowing with entries!


     Most Starscapes Artist-Illusionists don't do home shows because "word of mouth" advertising is real popular; and Craig's List is free!  However...  Look how many free drawing / sales leads are in that plastic container!  Great looking booth Rick L .!



saiWe completed our first job today and it went very well, we have 4 more scheduled for early next week @ $200 each.  We don't charge much, but we are very pleased to say the least.

Your description of the response when people see the work is exactly what you told us it would be.  The first viewing of the work we did in our own home resulted in 5 bookings.  And they all said the same thing... "We want one.  When can you come over?"
Now, we're going to raise our price! 
Dale & Laureen -  Alberta, Canada

STARSCAPES® -- Extreme Sports Sponsor!

The STARSCAPES® Dirt Track Late Modified Race Car with extreme sportscar driver Nick Griego!


Move OUT of the slow lane and onto the Fast Track with STARSCAPES® !


Since 1991 and making a presence on the World Wide Web since 1994.
Satisfied customers in over 160 countries.



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