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Compare your StarBiz to Other Opportunities.
Here are the
top 10 Franchises,
as ranked by Entrepreneur magazine:


Startup Cost

Subway $74.9k - $222,800
Dunkin' Donuts $179K - $1.6 Million
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service $48.6K - $91,800
7-Eleven Inc. Varies
UPS Store/Mail Boxes Etc. $153.95K - $266,800
Domino's Pizza $141.4K - $415,000
Jiffy Lube $214K - $273,000
Sonic Drive In Restaurant $861,000
McDonald's $506K - $1.6 Million
Papa John's $250,000

Average Franchise Startup Cost $270,000!

How Much Does a Small Business Cost?
Let's compare:



Stock market
predicting software >>


Laser engraving stuff for $7,995.
"Seriously. What for?"



T-shirt silkscreen setups for $3,195.
"How much labor to make $500 a day?"



Used donut machines >>
$7,000 to $12,000.
"Stuck at the swap meet
all weekend long too!
How many greasy fried donuts
to make $500 a day?
And oh no! There's another pimple!"




Curb machine $6,450
"Wanna buy a curb?"




Paint chip repair kit $2,895
"Hey, Buddy! You didn't blend the
right shade to match my car! Oops!"



Tile, grout, or carpet cleaning starting at $5,500
"Wow! I'll bet there's nobody
doing that!  Yeah right!"




Vending $4,555
"Do you really think there will  be $500
inside at the end of the day?"



Italian ice cart $4,295
"Perfect if you like standing around hoping for a $4 sale."


How many hamburgers, subs, donuts, curbs, or engravings do you have to sell, after covering all of your daily HUGE EXPENSES, in order to PROFIT $1,500 a day, or just $500?  600 burgers? 4,000 donuts?  300 pizzas?  How many snacks?

How many paint chips would you have to repair?  How many homes would you have to inventory?  How many dirty carpets to you have to clean?  Yuk, how much machinery do you have to sanitize? 


Grill Cleaning business under $8,000
"Clean 2 a day and make $200.
 No thanks, I can clean my own."

Really? Do YOU want to work that hard?  


  Why not have fun while you're earning more that you ever dreamed? 

 ► $1,500 profit could be just 1 or 2 cosmic ceilings with NO overhead. 

 ►  EZ & NO expenses, health dept. rules, etc..  And you can work when you want to.


 "I booked two $1,500 jobs by giving a demo over at a neighbor's house!"


Just show the Amazing Portal and everyone wants it done in their rooms!



Imagine the Profit When You Can Include
Beautiful High Definition Wall Murals Like These!
Imagine the Possibilities!






Peel & Stick repositionable ceiling murals will be available too!
Great even for apartment dwellers.  STARSCAPES® can be painted over them!  You'll have a magical daytime / nighttime mural!


When you purchase your STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz

We'll kick out the middle man for you, and you'll buy direct from our manufacturers. (That means NO markup from us.  We want YOU to make all the profit.
No minimums and FREE shipping every time whenever you mention STARSCAPES®.)

Thousands of images are available. Simple to install panels. Easier than wallpaper because they're repositionable!

Imagine the profit when your cost is as low as $28.99 for an entire wall mural. (Depending on sizes, some go up to $500 wholesale cost.)
By contrast it only takes less than $5 in STARSCAPES® Creation Paint™ to create your cosmic ceiling masterpiece!)

You can be making big money.  It's up to you.  Isn't it time?

"I just booked a $5,600 three bedroom ceiling job!"   A. Woods
There's no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

"Received my StarBiz. Just wonderful!  Everything we thought and then some!
Reaching for the stars on BlastOff!  Thanks for all the encouragement!" 
K. Alexander, Texas


Introducing in Our 24th Year...

The Only Astronomically Correct System on the Market Today That Even NASA Enjoys.  Resulting in the Most Professional and Realistic Night Sky That Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide Enjoy.

The Master Professional
Must be over 18.  No experience needed.  Learn in a weekend.


  The One-on-One Advanced Professional Mastery Course Manual, DVDs and CDs

  Custom Made Professional
Astronomical Equipment

  Complete Special Lighting System

  A Selection of Specially Designed Custom Application Tools

  Proprietary Supplies

  Our Own Exclusive Professional Creation Paint
for 100 rooms. A proprietary and exquisite blend of rare earth phosphors. Unavailable elsewhere.

  More Advanced Tricks and Techniques

  Marketing Samples

  Soft Portable Equipment Transport Case, and More!

FYI: Below is a photo of our competitor's package.  Not even 1 cu. ft.





Professional STARSCAPES® StarBiz weight = 45 lbs.

Starscapes StarBiz cartons getting packed up to leave.

Matthew packing up your StarBiz.

  Everything is Included.

Live Longer!  De-stress with your very own STARSCAPES 3D STARGAZING PORTAL.  Airmailed worldwide daily.
Your Pro. StarBiz Also Includes:

  The Amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Cosmic Demonstration Portal. 
(Image at right and left for illustrative purpose only.)

Your Complete Professional Mastery Educational Course manual titled "15,000% Pure Profit!, (a treatise on the STARSCAPES® system)" is the heart of the entire program. Ring bound for ease of study!  You'll learn how to create this type of magical art in as little as a weekend.  Completely illustrated.   (And personally autographed by the original STARSCAPES F/X® Master himself, Joseph Petrashek).

"Creating an Illusion" - The StarBiz Program's one on one professional tutoring .  You'll have the heart and now the soul of the program!  Like being tutored under Galileo, Franklin or Tesla, you'll join the master at work, as you'll discover completely in every detail, the magic behind this 3-D cosmic ceilings masterpiece fine art illusion mural. There's no need for expensive "add on" personal training. It's all here and complete in this double DVD home study course.  All in a classy Presentation Case for safety and storage.

To protect your business and keep our system proprietary and away from copycat competitors, including your own bedroom customers (= YOUR MONETARY LOSS), most items in the StarBiz are not shown to the public.  We're looking out for us and we're looking out for you.

Your STARSCAPES® Professional Astronomical Equipment
is a Precision Application System Designed for Use With Or Without a Ladder.

The highly acclaimed Galactification Machine™.   The GM is custom made in-house and exclusively ours, it measures a full 48" tall x 16" x 16" wide, and has various controls for "smooth sailing" in various night skies and other situations, and is strictly for your use only.  For all constellations in the Northern or Southern hemispheres.  Unlike others, the GM allows you to create a truly professional masterpiece in ANY size room including home theaters, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, theaters, etc. (To protect this precision astronomical device, and keep it looking and performing just like new for years to come, we include a luxurious and plush protective covering shown or similar.) 

Note: I have to laugh because some people think they can DIY and use transparencies, opaque or cloudy and dim overhead projectors, or an idiotic, small, dim and inefficient $40 Chinese plastic toy projector meant for children's small bedrooms, that displays hugely distorted and mismade constellations resulting in a weak, wrong, and unprofessional job not even worth fifty bucks! 

What if some of your clients know something about astronomy?  It happens!  They will surely be dismayed and you can bet that you won't get any referrals (= YOUR MONETARY LOSS).  And what if some of your clients were from Australia, New Zealand, South America or Africa; and wanted to see the southern constellations like the Southern Cross?  It happens!  You'd be "lost in space without retro rockets", not to mention the MONETARY LOSS you'd incur.  The STARSCAPES® StarBiz is the ONLY Professional Program available in the universe.

  The Voyager X2 Double Lighting System:  High Intensity Focused Lamps for high performance.     

You'll be able to create any night sky, with choice of constellations, in their astronomically correct locations.  Makes a meaningful gift to a loved one when you can create the night they fell in love; or commemorate the beautiful starry night their child was born under. 

From small bedrooms to the largest of theaters and auditoriums.  You can even create a planetarium in the schools in your home town, where the students can learn about astronomy!  All this with you having no prior knowledge of astronomy. 
"The professional Galactification Machine is one fine piece of astronomical equipment that any astronomer would give their eye teeth for."

All of your Specially Designed Artist-Illusionist Tools and various proprietary Artist-Illusionist Multi-dimensional star applicators.  (No complicated air brushes).  Allows you to make eight various magnitudes (sizes) of stars with a flick of the wrist.  (Imagine completing an entire 10' x 10' room in less than 30 minutes!  You'll learn just how to do that!)
Your equipment is secured in the convenient equipment transport case that holds everything you need.  Complete with wheels and telescopic handle.  Ready for your next job, or for your next flight to an exotic location! 

  The STARSCAPES® Super-3 Creation Paint™, six month supply, for up to 120 rooms.   Perfect for children's rooms as it starts out bright and then gently fades away 30-60 minutes later as the stargazer falls asleep. Helps to assure a sound, restful night.    No smelly or oily varnish or lacquer smells.  No sticky, messy gels.  And no dangerous spray paints.  Energized in 5 minutes of ambient light.

  The STARSCAPES® Super-10 Creation Paint™, four month supply, for up to 80 rooms. Glows for hours with a steady glow.  Fully energized in 15 minutes of bright ambient light.  Perfect for teenagers, adults, and the lodging industry.   

(In addition to getting all five of the STARSCAPES® brand Super-10 Superior Performance Creation Paint colors including
Glacier Blue-White, Laser Violet
Cosmic Blue, Cosmic Orange,
Standard MoonGlow for special colored effects (FX); you'll also get our newest formulation, the EXTREME Super-10 Superior Performance Creation Paints

Our famous Creation Paintsare all certified non-toxic, non-radioactive, user-friendly formulations, resulting in worry-free usage for the Artist-Illusionist as well as the end customer.  Preferred by thousands of professionals worldwide.

Russian Safety Certificate frontRussian safety certificate back 

The ONLY paint of its kind and high caliber to have received the prestigious International Russian Safety Certificate.
(Customer protection is our #1 concern.)

  New! Super-10 Pro-Pak, with special tools and more paint for up to 20 more ceilings!  The professional's choice. 

  You'll also receive our Special Dramatic Sountrack CD, with multiple tracks, that
heightens your customer's emotions and creates a magical ambiance,
and helps to "sell more rooms" in the home and captures their friends too!

  Samples of the "Art of STARSCAPES®" Owner's Manual to give with each masterpiece. Adds even more value to your work.  Entertains and educates.  Shows constellations, explains astronomical facts, and mythological stories behind the constellations. 


  Full Color Beautiful Brochure samples.

  Samples of the official STARSCAPES® Certificate of Authenticity. Each is individually numbered and would be signed by you, and can show your name, and contact details on it so that your address will always be handy for more client referrals!  This official Certificate, suitable for framing, shows proof of authenticity and adds tremendous value to your work.  Your client will be proud to display it.
  Newsletter subscription at no cost to you.  Including the Complete set of all "The Galactifier" Newsletter back-issues. (Uniquely informative and  brings you "up to speed" with new techniques, etc.)

  Plus special surprise items & gifts we'll keep confidential like our new and exclusive Cosmic Scepter™!  Custom designed for your daily usage.  Simplifies the installation, thereby making your job quicker, easier, and more fun! 

  Also give your clients this special "thing", and they'll be smiling and their eyebrows will shoot upwards as you give them this special "thing" that can instantly add incredible value!)  The price stays low, but we keep adding more!

  Member's only online store where you can get apparel, signs
and others stuff with discount wholesale pricing...

And later, an invitation to attend the live online community with hundreds of licensed Artist-Illusionists worldwide!  Great camaraderie, EXCLUSIVE secrets and inspiration!  With the largest, priceless archive of EXCLUSIVE tips and ideas, by other artists, since 1999!  And... you'll feel right at home with all of them, because they're of the same mindset.  There's so much value here, it's priceless!  You'll discover all the answers to questions like, "I rent this apartment, what can you do for me"?  Also, all the fine details that make your customers spread the word like "wildfire".  PRICELESS!  You'll even get FREE Creation Paint for life! (Only available for licensees, and not available to general customers.)

  For proprietary sake, I can't tell you, but, oh all right!  Here's another STARSCAPES® EXCLUSIVE AT&T (Advanced Tricks and Techniques):  Now, using our SECRET method, you can even create your magical murals on dark colored walls and ceilings!  You're no longer limited to just white colored walls and ceilings.  It doesn't matter if the walls are red, blue, green, white or black!  With our methods, you won't see the stars with the lights on! 

Also, later on, you'll learn about the snow... okay!  That's it!  I've said enough already.  (It's so awesome, I can barely contain myself!) You'll be privy to all the newest and most extreme AT&T in the industry!  

  World Class Customer Service.

  And more Bonuses!!!  Including these
Valuable Reports ($100 value):

  • "How to Get Free Radio Advertising"

  • "Tips For Small Businesses"

  • "Tax Advantages in a Home Business"

  • "The Inside Secrets of Free Publicity"

  • "Money Making Press Release Samples"

  • (Shipping:  Order early today and your package will arrive in usually 5 days.
    Overseas -- You'll have it in 5 days in most cases.  Is that quick enough?)

No additional lessons. No additional charges. No hidden fees. Genuine and complete. Our 24th year.

  Later you can purchase the newest innovation... directly from S.A.I. Len Sodenkamp; the 3-D Demo Viewer convenient carry model; so you can demo day or night, anywhere! (I like the carry model myself!) $100. 

"I put one of mine in a hardware store,
to sit on their counter.  Within a week
I made my first sale as a result!" 
-- Ernie Jenner, SAI














Made by Starscapes® Artist-Illusionist
Len Sodenkamp and purchased directly from him.
This advertisement paid for by Len Sodenkamp.
Currently out of stock.



The Master Professional
Artist-Illusionist Program

All the Quick &
Easy Know-How, Equipment,
Tools, Supplies, etc.

Everything you need
to do your first 100 ceilings!

(After that, you'll probably qualify to get FREE Creation Paint™ for the rest of your life!)

"The package was so big, I couldn't get it
through my door!  I'm so excited!"


It's our 27th Anniversary! On Sale Today!
Regular price $2,995.



Use coupon code "Andromeda"



Success comes to those who dream and act.
After your first few rooms, your system is paid for... and everything is profit!

 "Wow! Just received our Professional StarBiz and went through it!
You guys over deliver!"
  -Bob Garrett & Ray Flowers, Texas

 Join thousands of others for 25 years in 160 countries by ordering now!

Order here...


BBB A+ Rating

Credit Cards are accepted.  Receive a coupon in your mail? Enter it on the shopping cart order form. 

FREE Delivery may apply to you!
(up to $50 worldwide!)

  Not ready yet? See below!

 STARSCAPES® can change your life if you just allow it...

Whether you get your STARSCAPES® StarBiz
at the sale price or not...

Your FIRST 3 or 4 ceilings might pay for it all and
you'll have a new money making skill for the rest of your life!


It could cost you many months of trial and error with inferior supplies and suppliers that go out of business.  We've been here for 24 years.
Frustration of not giving your clients the most professional, astronomically correct sky that even NASA enjoys.
Thousands of dollars in missed sales due to an unknown brand.
to get your first customer.
Hundreds of dollars
for artwork and image licensing.
Thousands of dollars
for artistic & sales education and tutorials.
Months of astronomy classes.
of not knowing how to get started, lack of confidence.
Thousands of dollars
of business consulting or coaching fees.
Thousands of dollars
in revenue you could have been earning.

Be Kind to Yourself... Order Today

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Need Help?

No cash?  Need Funding for your Business?

Order your Discovery Introductory Package & Amazing Portal Poster today, show it around and someone might help fund your new business!  We'll send you an email on how to raise the funds!

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Unlike Other Opportunities, the Totally Optional
Professional Licensing Has It's Benefits...
It Never Costs -- It Pays!

Can You Imagine How Lonely It Would Be Floating Out In Space All Alone? 

Here's the
Good News!

You Don't Need to Waste Your Time and Effort "Reinventing the Wheel" or "Figuring Out Black Holes".  What if you wanted to do a fair, festival, or home show?

To Be a Success -- You'll Want to Associate With Like Minded Individuals and Become a Member of Our Club!

  Documentation for the OPTIONAL STARSCAPES® trade name Professional Licensing (and exciting benefits) will be included inside your Pro. StarBiz package.  (Not needed if you're a hobbyist, but important if you're serious about business. As low as $29.95 a month). 

  It's small, but important, as it helps to keep our doors open so that we can continue servicing you and our other customers, as we have for 25 years. Be very afraid of others that don't offer this benefit.

  One of the many benefits is that you automatically get Free Paint Credits for the rest of your life! ($39.95 Gold members only.)  That means FREE ongoing paint supplies for you, for life!  Couldn't be any better!  With STARSCAPES®, there are NO HIDDEN FEES, just benefits to you!

  All of our Marketing Materials -- professional brochures, business cards, posters, logos and other images will be yours.  Even the apparel!  Tshirts and strikingly beautiful satin jackets and ball caps.

  As a Gold member, you'll receive your signed Graduation Certificate with a special gold embossed seal and red ribbons, suitable for framing, and personalized with your name, describing your mastery of the art of STARSCAPES®.

  You'll get to use the Professional Designation Initials after your name (eg. Joseph Petrashek SAI), and you'll also get a classy Club Name Badge to show that you are indeed a professional.

  You'll receive the members' only Galactifier Newsletter.  Filled with hot tips and keeps you informed.  All the back issues are yours too!  The STARSCAPES®  difference is that you get unmatched sales and marketing advice, not from someone that has a useless college business degree, but from the hundreds of  S.A.I.'s learned experience and of course the Master's experience that has been selling STARSCAPES®  for 35 years!.  You'll learn exactly what to say in certain customer situations, that can make the difference between making a sale and losing it.

  You'll also be invited as a welcome member of the Inner Circle Fraternity Club Online Global Community and be able to interact and confer with all the other STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists worldwide!  There will always be starving artists.  With our help you'll probably be eating caviar!

The one and only INNER CIRCLE. You'll be able to access an entire encyclopedia of this unique business as you tap into the knowledge base of all of the STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists since the year 1999.  More heads are better than one, and this valuable benefit is from the hundreds and hundreds of guys and gals out there "in the trenches".  All relevant information to your particular queries, whether past, present or future, is word searchable, and instantly at your fingertips. (Want information on home shows? Just type in "home show", in the text box, and you will be enlightened with the wealth of "hands-on" information.  How about Groupon and Living Social campaigns?  Just type it in!

  You'll also discover other proven marketing secrets, and painting secrets only divulged to other S.A.I.s.  You'll see hundreds of photos, polls, and files all shared within our happy, professional community.  In the newsletters, you're told exactly what to say in certain situations to help you along. 

Here's a great example for you, while you're standing in line at Starbucks, or anywhere, with a smile on your face:  "Excuse me, can I ask you a crazy question?  When was the last time you slept under the stars?  (Listen to them reminisce and then give STARSCAPES® details.)  I show samples of my work to people all the time... it's absolutely free... no obligation.  Would you mind if I stop by and show you and your family sometime?  I'd just love to get your opinion of it, and for helping me, I'll give you a free exciting gift!  And here... let me get that coffee for you!"  Joe buys coffee for people all the time, gives demos, and they buy, buy, buy! 

And that's just one of many methods.  With our other marketing methods, you'll basically have people begging you for it and you haven't even spoken to them!

  We will also create and host your personalized STARSCAPES® Website for you, and we host it for you at no charge!  Complete with exciting moving images, music, positive sales copy, International Lodging Directory, site counter, masked email address, and even an optional payment button. We'll upload your customers' testimonials and place them on your site anytime you want, for free!  It's a great strategic move for you and another free benefit for you from us.  No monthly fees for this as others charge.

  You can also receive Sales Leads that we receive from our national advertising which has included the high-end luxury market and the hotel industry.  We pass them along at no cost to you!  Only a company that's been around, worldwide, since 1994 can produce as many sales leads as we can. 

  All of the other exciting benefits will be listed inside your StarBiz program.  These statements do not constitute a licensing offer to you at this time.



Stellar Customer Support

Need help with your order? Getting ready to do your first room? Looking for more tips on marketing? Our stellar customer support team is itching to help you become a shooting star. Phone: 1-602-679-0257

Designed by Joseph Petrashek
and Starscapes International

Developed by the founder of this creative
niche magician/illusionist Joe Petrashek.
Available since 1991 with thousands of happy
stargazers in 160 countries worldwide.

StarScapes logo

Easy to Learn and Fun to Show

No experience necessary. It's not work,
it's fun. You'll be a respected expert in no
time. It's thrilling turning out the lights for your customers the first time. And easy
for them to spread the word.

Easy to learn


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